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We are all people with ancestors that understood and valued the power of dance. In our bones, we know that dance creates vitality and healing, for individuals and communities. Conscious Dance Minneapolis is committed to bringing dance back to the people, back into everyday life.Conscious Dance Minneapolis is committed to providing information on where individuals can practice the discipline of conscious dance locally. We are committed to being a virtual hub (homestead / gathering place) where people can connect with conscious dance practices (and vice versa). We will provide basic information about local practices that are happening in Minneapolis and encourage you to visit the dance floor yourself in order to get a feel for each practice.We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to The Dance.You can contact us via email - info@consciousdanceminneapolis.com or phone / text 612.636.7758

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conscious Dance Minneapolis?

Conscious Dance Minneapolis is a virtual gathering place connecting people –who-want-to-dance to practices that offer dance as a process that supports human development and personal growth. Connecting conscious dance practices with people who value the discipline of a conscious dance practice.

What is conscious dance?

Conscious Dance is a practice that encourages free movement and expression. The intention of the practice is to increase awareness & attunement on a personal level and an interpersonal level. It is a practice of presencing.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of dance are numerous. To name a few – an increased vitality; deeper connection to self, others & universe; improved strength, mobility & stamina; opening to the non-verbal realm of emotion, energy, spirit; increased capacity to be present with whatever comes your way; creating more room for joy & freedom to be oneself.

What can I expect my first time in a class?

You may feel nervous and uncomfortable before you begin. You will be met with openness and sincere welcome. Dancers are generally kind-hearted souls looking for a place to plug into that source of deep restoration. You may be asked to sign a waiver, provide contact information and pay a fee. Most newcomers leave their first encounter in awe of the beauty of bodies moving and expressing freely. Witnessing alone is a touching experience.

Do I have to be a dancer or to be fit to join a Conscious Dance class?

You are a Dancer. A dancer of life. Conscious Dance is really a practice of moving through life with more vitality, openness, individual expression and awareness. It doesn’t matter if you classify yourself as a dancer or not. If you are inspired by movement and music, you will fit in.

Is Conscious Dance a free-form dance? Is there choreography/routines?

It is free form dance. There is not choreography or routines to follow. Some practices offer guidelines and suggestions to evoke movement while other practices simply offer music with no verbal cueing.

Do I have to dance with others or can I dance by myself?

On the dance floor, you don’t have to do anything. You are the teacher, the one giving the instructions. At some practices you may be cued to dance with a partner. At other practices it is all self dancing. Most ongoing practice are “dance with yourself” yet have moments when you might naturally connect with another.

Is this similar to Ecstatic Dance?

Conscious Dance is similar to Ecstatic Dance in that it is free form, insights vitality & joy, and is. Conscious Dance is unlike Ecstatic Dance in that it welcomes all energies (sadness, joy, connection, loneliness, etc). Some find Conscious Dance to be more grounded with more “rules” that inform the practice. For example, no full blown contact improvisation on the floor, no props, no extreme sounding.

How much do the classes cost?

This various across practices. Some are donation based, the most expensive is $20. Most practices are pay by the class yet that will vary depending on where you choose to dance.

What should I wear?

Most people wear lose fitting close that they can move in or exercise clothes. • Where can I find a class? (this would link to the calendar page)

What kind of music will I hear in class?

View our music/dj page for more details.


“The thing to remember about our dance container is that judgement is abandoned like a tin man costume. Judgement can’t dance. We focus on seeing the amazement that is right here, and by doing so, bring it forward to where it can reveal our vitality.” – DS

“I seek movement that feels good to my body. I often experience sharp edges, and can experience the juxtaposition of something being held and something letting go. When my old patterns of movement begin to over-ride the subtler sensations, I pause. I invite my partner to slow down. I breathe into the nuance of the deeply internal movement, and let my body follow this sensation. I relax. My muscles relax. My nervous system feels acknowledged. I can then witness what my partner is wanting from me. I am no longer moving, but being moved.” – GC

“I thrive on the healing force found in the transcendent movement of this form of dance, and I sincerely want to personally thank you for facilitating the opportunity to find my worship. I hope to join you next week. My wounded self welcomes the chance to heal which your efforts provide for us.” – Love to all, DZ